Steve Pavlina on the Law of Attraction

The “Law of Attraction” is definitely buzzing around the memosphere now. The movie and book The Secret deal with the idea, although rather superficially, almost conveying the idea of magical wish fulfullment. That approach has been roundly and properly criticized, and by none other than my friend Kay.

Yet there’s something there, something about it. I can’t put it into words, for two reasons: I don’t understand it myself, and I also have done little conscious work with it. Yet, my recent posts on love and the Golden Path seem to me to be directly related to the subject, whether or not they have any overt resemblance to Napoleon Hill’s get-rich formula.

In his recent posts, Steve Pavlina is writing about the subject in great depth, and from a more universal, general perspective, than either the self-help gurus or my “feel love” posts, although the terminology he uses is unique and takes some getting used to. One point he makes is that the “Law of Attraction” becomes activated by what he calls “polarization,” essentially the decision to commit one’s entire being into either the direction of a lightworker or a “darkworker:

The decision to polarize is a decision you make with every fiber of your being. For some people it may be a natural choice, felt as a type of calling. Others have to spend a lot of time exploring both polarities to make the polarization commitment very consciously and deliberately. But most people never polarize.

If you polarize as a lightworker, you are dedicating your life to serving the greater good.

If you polarize as a darkworker, you are dedicating your life to serving yourself.

To use a Star Wars analogy, it is similar to deciding whether or not to become a Jedi or a Sith. It should be rather obvious that most people never make this kind of commitment in their entire lives. Hence, most people are neither lightworkers or darkworkers. The two extremes of committing one’s life to serving the greater good or to serving one’s own self-interest are not attractive to most people. It is simply not for them.

This makes sense to me. The real “secret” isn’t imagining or feeling or projecting thus-and-such, but the commitment to one path or the other. Then, thoughts, feelings, actions are bound to be congruent and harmonious with one’s goals.

As for myself, I’m really hoping for more to join the Jedi team.

6 thoughts on “Steve Pavlina on the Law of Attraction

  1. Great post Jon. I like the analogy of being a lightworker or a darkworker. The approach of Byrne and the others involved in The Secret is, imo, polarized toward the dark. It’s all about self interest.

    Can I join the Jedi team? Officially that is (I’ve actually been a closet member since the 70’s).

  2. I do so want to be a Jedi! Instead, I think of myself as a sorcerer… working with the light and source. I don’t really think of myself this way, but perhaps it would help us all to percieve how we are choosing to live out the energy that is us.

    Perhaps they are one in the same, Jedi and sorcerers?

  3. Wow, Tommy,

    I never noticed the “source” in sorcerer before! As for me, I’m just “holy fool.”

  4. Lightworkers temptation and ascension…

    Lightwork temptation – infos for Lightworkers

    l You’re a Lightworker? llYou practice something, that is termed as lightwork? l

    Then this is your site. I myself practiced lightwork actively in a spiritual way and recognized very late …

  5. Just found your blog!! really interesting :-)I’m a big fun of law of attraction

    thanks for posting and sharing these ideas..

    I’m here to stay!


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