Meeting a good friend for the first time

Just a few years ago, that heading would’ve been complete nonsense to almost everyone, and it still gets a smile from most people. Yes, there were HAM radio operators who struck up friendships with people they had never met, and for a long time, folks here and there have had pen-pals.

But the Web changes that. This is actually the fourth time in my life I’ve been blessed to say I had the opportunity to meet a good friend for the first time. This time, my good friend was Mark Warner, writer of one of the beautiful, profound, and well-thought spiritual blogs out there, Eternal Awareness. Getting to know Mark face-to-face over good food and beer was a wonderful pleasure.

Beside being blog friends who write on the spiritual journey, one thing that Mark and I have in common, is that we’re both students of spiritual teachers. On the second night he was in the area, Mark came to visit my teacher’s satsang. Sometime, I hope to visit his teacher as well.

2 thoughts on “Meeting a good friend for the first time

  1. How wonderful that two beautiful awakened soul like you and Mark met. Mark told me about this and i am so happy that u finally met.

    what were the subject from spiritual perspective that u shared?

  2. We talked a lot about how our paths brought us to this point in time, and how we came to find our teachers.

    Nice to hear from you!

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