The Sweet Pain

In 1998, I began writing a long poem, an epic poem, on the life of Christ. After about six weeks, I stopped writing it (though it didn’t leave me). What I was unprepared for was the intensity of his Presence as I wrote. Writing was prayer, and prayer was writing.

But it was more than that. I wrote about his love, and it was my love, and it burned so strongly that burned me. I truly felt like I couldn’t take it. It was just too much.
I never forgot it, though, and a year after I made my Bodhisattva vow, I also vowed to finish it. But I still couldn’t return to it. It was just too much.

Then over the next few years, all of my conceptions of God were destroyed. Yet, tonight, I find my thoughts again turning to writing this poem. I believe now I can return to it, and now I can relax in the Presence that burned me with his love a few years earlier. I don’t know how I have changed, and why I have that confidence. But it’s time to start writing again. (And a big thank you to Trev, for recommending Pronoia).

2 thoughts on “The Sweet Pain

  1. So glad you’re returning to the poem. I’m sure that I don’t stand alone in saying that if you decide to share it, we’re all really looking forward to it as well.

    Also glad you’re enjoying the book. It can be a bit out there, but the underlying messages of Truth, Beauty, and Love are sure inspiring.

  2. Can’t help but think about the old saying about fire purifying. Yes, maybe the time is coming and yes, please share it should you feel inspired.

    Pronoia- now there’s some writing. Sometimes I want to throw it across the room, others- read long into the night.

    Peace & blessings

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