A good friend of mine told me that my mother’s death would change me. He was right.

I’ve found that I’m re-prioritizing things in my life. I’m wanting to integrate into my life more of the things that I’ve neglected and strike a better balance. One of those areas is the body. Seeing death up close has reminded me that this body only lasts a relatively short time under the best of circumstances, and I’ve not been giving mine the best. So in addition to my semi-vegan diet, I’m exercising more, and I’m currently in training for a 5k run in early May. (Man, have I got a long way to go!)

But things are already progressing well. I now can run 1600 meters (that’s a mile for my fellow Americans) without pausing or feeling exhausted, and I’m getting a little bit closer to getting back into shape every day.

I’ve also become aware of how much of my life has been spent sitting on my butt in front of computer screens. I really want to reduce that a bit. I’m not talking about changing my work, but I might be talking about changing my play. Parkour, anyone? Of course, I know I’m not ready for that yet. (Emphasis on yet.)

5 thoughts on “Re-Centering

  1. Hi Jon,

    “A good friend of mine told me that my mother’s death would change me. He was right.”

    How true. Still feeling for you knowing what you’re experiencing. Such a incredible range of emotions: sadness, joy, anger, confusion,and more.


  2. Hi Jon. I was looking to see how I could send you a message of thanks, when I came upon your posts relating to your mother’s recent passing. You are in my thoughts Jon and my love goes out to you.

    I wanted to thankyou for the information you have written on Christian Mystisism. I was feeling quite alone this evening and then I read your words which helped me to understand more. I no longer feel alone. Love and Peace to you Jon, Vicky

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