7 thoughts on “Why does Spirit want to be embodied?

  1. I’ve been embracing this exact same thought for some time now that this all can be explained as spirit “at play.” In order for this idea to hold truth, everything must be “play” including our actions in business, our marching off to war and all killing, our passion in love, even our efforts (and non efforts) to be aware, recognize spirit, and embrace religion.

    All of this is play and as Trevor Hall says in his song, “How could it be any other way?..”

    “Well I think about all the other ways I could’ve played
    All the other simple moves I could’ve made
    All the other cards that I could’ve dealt
    All the books I didn’t read upon my shelf
    All the other ways I could’ve sung my songs
    I’ve realized that none of it wen’t wrong
    It was all play
    How could it be any other way?”

    By Trevor Hall

    I am amused by my play- even more amused when I forget that… I’m just playing… as spirit.

    Thanks for the reminder, Jon.

  2. Well said! I love this theme of play. It reminds me of the idea of lila in Indian religion, and of one of my favorite Bible passages:

    … when he assigned the sea its boundaries
    –and the waters will not invade the shore–
    when he laid down the foundations of the earth,
    I was by his side, a master craftsman,
    delighting him day after day,
    ever at play in his presence,
    at play everywhere in his world,
    delighting to be with the sons of men.

    (Proverbs 8:29-31)

  3. just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that i love your website, but then again, i love mysticism, so it was just bound to happen i guess. i found it while i was looking into biblical panentheism and the christian mysticism section of your website. keep up the good work and hopefully one day, the ‘Great Work’ will be finished and everybody can play the way Spirit intended.

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