Resurrecting WildWebWeaving

Well, it’s never really died, but my “techie” site, WildWebWeaving is being resurrected. I realized that not only do I really want to share more of my thoughts on the Web, CSS, browsers, and Web programming, but doing so will help reinforce what I’ve learned and what I’m learning.

This will also probably siphon off a lot of my “geekstuff” posts from this site, which most of you probably won’t miss. But for the few of you who do want to track my tumultuous relationship with code, go ahead and be the first to subscribe to my RSS feed at WildWebWeaving!

5 thoughts on “Resurrecting WildWebWeaving

  1. Hello!

    You don’t know me from Adam (well, ok, maybe you could distinguish me from Adam, but that still wouldn’t help you know who I am :p), but, I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I love your Frimmin website! I found it through a google search for “Christian Mysticism” and am so, so thankful that I did. I found it and began reading and all I could think was, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Someone else who gets it! I thought I was the only one who thought these things!!”

    My heart/spirit began to open to these Wild Things of God (a phrase which I LOVE, by the way!) a few years ago. I had been an active member of a church for many years and despite my “faithfulness” – I was there every time the doors were open – my spiritual growth seemed to be at something of a stand still. I wanted more of God in my every day life, but didn’t seem able to find it, no matter how many devotionals I did or how much scripture I read (interpreting it the way I had been taught was the correct, divine and inspired interpretation) or how many church sponsored “functions” I attended and took part in. In the midst of all this, I had questions that no one seemed able to answer – if God is not only loving, but IS Love…how can this be so?? I prayed and asked God to illuminate these things for me, to open doors to Him, to remove the blinders that I may have put on myself. He did. I’ve been led here, down a very long path, a very long journey – which is too lengthy and crazy to go into here – suffice to say that it has been like finding a crystal palace on a dirt road (never thought THIS road would lead to where it lead – but I’m so glad it did!). Needless to say, God was faithful and answered that long ago prayer, gently unfolding and revealing new layers of Himself as I was able to take them in (very slowly), tenderly removing the veil that “religion” had placed over me. That’s not to say that I think the process is complete – far from it – there’s still plenty that I just don’t know yet…but I feel certain He hasn’t given up on me. 🙂

    Being born and raised in the deep south (Georgia), I’m sure you realize that I am pretty isolated in agreeing with your views. Were I to voice these thoughts of mine (and yours!) to those with whom I share church (Southern Baptist!) pews, an exorcism (or, at the very least fervent prayers for my speedy release from these false doctrines!) would be quickly under way. I just wanted to say thank you to you for creating a place in which I felt understood and at least a tiny bit less isolated.


  2. “finding a crystal palace on a dirt road” Crystal, thanks for sharing your story! I hope you come back often. You’re always welcome here.

  3. FYI, your link to (or was it html?) doesn’t work, gives a not found error.

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