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A few weeks back, Darrell tagged me for the “Random 8” meme. At the time, I was focused on writing about other things, and even now, still not quite in a “random” mood, so how about a “recent eight,” instead?

Here’s eight facts, semi-random, but all recent:

  1. For the last two or three weeks, I’ve built most of my breakfasts around a cottage cheese dish. The core ingredients are: low-fat cottage cheese, honey, and ginger. From there it can go in a couple of directions–sweet (mix in applesauce, or mash in a strawberry or a kiwi) or savory (salsa or chipotle peppers). BTW, cottage cheese is something new for me; I used to hate cottage cheese. It just looked like someone threw up after drinking milk.
  2. I discovered another great cable sci-fi series on DVD., this one on ABC Family: It’s called Kyle XY. The first few episodes had a bit of the feeling of the 80’s Starman, but it was much better to begin with, and it quickly progressed beyond its beginnings. And the emphasis isn’t on science-fiction, but on drama. Good show.
  3. Subway’s personal pizzas are superb. I usually order them like a veggie delight sub loaded with vegetables, but on pizza.
  4. Yes, I am losing weight while eating cottage cheese breakfasts and occasional Subway pizzas!
  5. It’s been almost a week since I’ve had a Diet Pepsi. For twenty years, I’ve been seriously addicted to them. It started when I was in grad school at Kent State; I worked the late shift at our extended-hours Taco Bell for a while, and started drinking Diets heavily to stay energized during my shift. (Heavily means up to three 32-oz. cups.) Even up to last Monday, I would usually have 60 – 90 ounces of Diet Pepsi. I tried many times to quit, but never succeeded till now. How I approached it in the past was as trying to quit caffeine, but this time, it was quitting artificial sweeteners. I am drinking a lot less caffeine now, but that’s a side benefit.
  6. Since Tuesday, I’ve been doing this regimen before every meal:

    I usually pour the vinegar and the oil into the yerba mate after it’s brewed. (The vinegar gives the tea a “tang” but otherwise goes pretty smoothly, and the coconut oil is very smooth and light-tasting. I also sometimes put in ginger, rose hips, or orange extract and I sweeten it with honey, stevia, or agave nectar.

  7. The main effects I’ve noticed is that appetite is decreasing slightly, but my energy is increasing sharply.
  8. This theme is temporary! I recently upgraded WordPress and tried to upgrade the “Subtle” theme (the one you’ve seen on this site for the last several months), but the sidebars of the latest “Subtle” don’t work with the widgets of the latest WordPress. Till I make my own, I might be switching styles pretty often.

7 thoughts on “Recent 8

  1. Hi, Julie!

    At the bottom of Presentations, there’s a link to “Get more themes”

  2. I like the theme. It’s simplistic, and I’m always a fan of that. I guess I can see why it’s not ideal for you though.

    Yerba mate is so tasty. I’m trying to wean myself off sodas, but we’ll see how that goes. I used to hate cottage cheese too. I wonder if I’ll like it now… I’ll have to try it with the ginger.

  3. I like the cottage cheese for breakfast idea, even for a late snack with fruit, or sometimes with Worchstershire sauce for kick. And cutting out soda is great for the system. And thanks for the tip on Subway pizza. I will try one next time 🙂

    Peace and Blessings!

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