Already dead

I am already dead.
Died, many times.
Every moment, I shuffle off
another body,
as I shuffle off
the moment to which it belonged.

I stand on the corpses of
a billion Jon Zucks
and on the billion corpses
that belonged to each of a billion other names.

Amazing, how dead meat
holds this pen?
I pull the strings
and make the mannequin
seem to write.

All the moment-bodies
of all the Jon Zucks
are all already all dead,
animated only for an instant
as I pass through them.

Dust coalescing before me,
dust dissolving behind.
It has died, is dead,
and always is dying.

I am a survivor
with millennia of experience,
past and future,
in endless realms,
known and unknown
to me.

12 thoughts on “Already dead

  1. Thanks, Julie.

    Yeah, it’s bit different from my usual “Holy Frimmin’ Cosmic Resonanance, Batman!” style of poetry.

    I wrote this a few minutes after a strong, sudden, and very unexpected experience of being, well, already dead, when watching a movie.

  2. Wow! You have talent. You are able to paint a picture so well with your words.

    Hey, where did the old blog template go? Tired of it? God knows I change mine often enough.

  3. It was The History Boys. At the end they reprise the professors line, “Pass the parcel. Sometimes that’s all you can do.”

    When I heard that, I realized with a shock, instantly that that’s all I do. All of me that’s been here up to this point is already gone. And all that will ever be identified as me will also be nothing but a succession of moments. What lasts is just my real nature as a point of consciousness, and influence on other consciousnesses.

  4. Totally unrelated! I’m entering the wild world of WordPress (hey, I installed it on design-realized on my own!). And checked out the Subtle site. Now I know how you’ve worked your magick, or at least part of it.

    I also note that you’ve rearranged your site a little, with the three-column setup. So now my blog falls under “awakening”. Kewl.

    Time for a stroll for BBQ Pork Bun! Happy Friday!

  5. Thanks, Ned.

    Something that is really impressing itself upon me at this point in the journey is how the fear of death is one of the core conditions of the basic human situation, and how it influencesevery aspect of our behavior. Lack of the fear of death isn’t enlightenment, but it seems to be one of the core conditions of enlightened persons.

    I’ll probably write more about this in future posts.

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