We just want to eat your brains!

zombies.jpgI was writing a letter to a friend this morning, and zombies came to mind as a metaphor about trying to be an awake person in the world. You want to be alive, conscious, and know God/Ultimate Reality/Truth, and—they don’t. Some of them actually want very much for you to not want that. (Hell, almost every dollar spent on advertising is for that very purpose!) The zombies see your difference as something they need to fix. And they’re willing to help. They just want to eat your brains!

There’s something definitely less-than human about the ego-self. Rather than embodying the consciousness of God in the world, we shuffle along, half-alive, half-dead, destructively seeking to satisfy our insatiable appetites. And whether that manifests as a literal lust for blood, or mere selfishness, the result is the same—we want to stay entranced, “dead while we live,” destructive, and unconscious. Oh, and yes, more blood is shed.

If God created mankind to be his manifestation in the world, the result was a tad lacking. The script was rewritten. Son of Man. Man II. HumanThe Sequel. Not only is this one going to be more uplifting to watch than Dawn of the Dead, but you can star in it!

Check out Jonathan Coulton’s hilarious song, Re: Your Brains.

3 thoughts on “We just want to eat your brains!

  1. Cool post. You know I love that song! I hadn’t thought of it in that context yet, even thought it’s screaming it.

    “We’re not unreasonable, I mean no one’s going to eat your eyes.”

  2. “The zombies see your difference as something they need to fix. And they?re willing to help. They just want to eat your brains!”

    Plenty of folks wanting to fix our brains! Get us all in line…scary, isn’t it, or perhaps just a joke played on one’s self…. seeing past the marching orders to the “heart” of the matter.

    Can you see the real me?

  3. But wait, was it Thomas that doubted Jesus’ being resurrected? Jesus let him see his hands and put his hand in Jesus’ side. Jesus didn’t restrict Thomas from doubting. Infact, he encouraged Thomas to question and be curious.

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