What you don’t want to admit to yourself

The stories you love, are all about you. The heroes you adore, are all you. That’s why there is the resonance. It’s a recognition, beyond words, beyond knowledge. Jung realized that all the characters in a dream are the dreamer, but it’s not just the stories we tell ourselves when we’re asleep.

You’re not merely what you think you are. You are Spirit experiencing the world through flesh, incarnating into billions of bodies; even though you “identify” with just one, your essence is in all.

You’re Luke Skywalker, the humble farmboy who blows up the Death Star. You’re Princess Leia, getting the plans to the Rebel Alliance, and leading the effort to overthrow the forces of oppression.

You’re Neo and Trinity, penetrating the thicket of illusion and deception called The Matrix, and defending Zion, the bastion of freedom.

You were born of a virgin: The appearance of your spirit in the body here was miraculous. Only your body was created by sex.

You became enlightened many times. It’s time to do it again. (Should be old hat by now!)
You were proclaimed the son or daughter of God. You know this!

You carry the sins of others, you forgive them: and Jesus told you if you don’t forgive, they’re not forgiven (Jn 20.23), so you know what you need to do!

You died, and rose again, but you do not remember. No problem. You don’t have to. Just be what you really are.

8 thoughts on “What you don’t want to admit to yourself

  1. “You?re Neo and Trinity”……I knew I should have chosen the blue pill! Just couldn’t help myself.

    Right on, Jon. Tell it like it is.

  2. Isaiah/Tommy (what do I call you?) that’s how I’m feeling lately. Beware the rabbit hole.

    You are mighty! Erm, anyway, that would explain why I get a special kick out of donning my rockstar underwear. (They say rockstar on them, that’s all.) Too bad I can’t wear a mask and cape to work…

    Silliness aside, I want to ask how one is supposed to be what one is without knowing what that is… but I get the feeling that I should know better, so I’m not asking.

  3. cut the pollshit-
    all you are saying above could be written in 2 pargraphes-

    you know th eprobnelm with nondualist teachers
    is that they are all fucking contented with themselves-
    they sould ask what is tthe problem with the seeker-
    shy is it difficult for him or her-

  4. Hi, Tim,

    Thanks for your post. I’m sorry if I gave you the impression I’m a teacher–I’m not at all, just a seeker, who made the highly questionable decision to share his thoughts about the journey and what might lay behind it on his Website.

    Your question about why it’s difficult is a good one… Look at my recent blog entries and you’ll see why it’s difficult for me.

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