Announcing Jedi Life

Dear Readers,

I’m happy to announce that Jedi Life, at, is now live. I’m excited about it. There are already several complete posts lined up,and I’m seeking guest posts as well. While Jedi Life is the successor to this blog, in some ways it is very different. The theme is “renew the body, free the mind, feel the Force.” Running, diet, nutrition, life hacking, all will be frequent subjects as will practical matters such as breaking bad habits, forming new ones, seeing through societal conditioning, and so on. Spirituality will be an important part of Jedi Life, but I intend it to be more accessible and actionable than my personal philosophical musings here.

I’m also writing an e-book, geared towards the completely out-of-shape, on how to get into shape, start running safely, and love it.

The Wild Things of God will remain here. At this point, I’m not sure sure how often (or if) it will be updated. I may continue to use it for more personal blogging, or just keep it as an archive of my life from 2004-2011. Keep it in your RSS, just in case. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Jedi Life, and give me feedback there! Also, I wouldn’t mind some free publicity. If you could “like” it or tweet it, I’d greatly appreciate it!


4 thoughts on “Announcing Jedi Life

  1. I have long wanted to get back into my old self and figure. I have been into countless dieting and fads but I just get all the weight back and much more. I hope the Jedi guys could help me with on that.

  2. Hi, Dianna! I can definitely relate. I suffered from obesity for years… I’ve lost 45 lbs now, and after a long plateau, am losing again. I’ll be writing about this on much more depth at in the coming weeks.

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