After about 25 years of caffeine addiction (and the last 20 of those specifically Diet Pepsi addiction), I’m finally free.  Free from caffeine, free from artificial sweeteners.


I’ve tried many times over the years to quit, but this time I succeeded.  I used Newton Homeopathic’s Caffeine Addiction tablets, and have only had one episode of the dreaded withdrawal headache.  More may come, but I’m ready for it if they do.

I imagine that I used to spend more than $1000 a year on Diet Pepsi, not to mention other caffeine sources, like chocolate.  It’ll be great to have that extra money in my pocket, and the extra chemicals NOT in my brain.

4 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. Oooh, well done 🙂 Do you find that these things are just really ultra timely? What seems impossible in one month, the next month suddenly feels as if it is surrounded by red hot irons to be struck.

    Good stuff! That aspartame is horrid stuff!

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