The Quieting Blogosphere

OK, I’m blogging less, and I’ve admitted it. But what about you? Out of my formerly blog-active friends only Carl and Bob keep on at their impressive posting paces. It seems to me that most of my blogging friends have slowed down, just as I have.

So, just curious:

  • Is it my imagination, or are you blogging less?
  • Is it just my circle of friends, or is this a broader phenomenon?
  • What’s the reason?
    • Too busy?
    • Said it all already, nothing left to say?
    • More real-world and "wetware" activity?
    • More online community / social networking activity?
    • Changing interests?
    • Lack of interest / comments from others?
  • Assuming this is a trend, what is it’s implication for the Web? What takes its place? Is it a negative phenomenon or positive?

Talk to me!


15 thoughts on “The Quieting Blogosphere

  1. About a month and a half ago I made a commitment to post at least something every day, even if it’s just a quote or an embedded treat from Youtube. I love my blog and the interaction I get from readers, and truth be told, since I’m a professional writer for me it’s also a marketing tool. I suppose this means I’m blogging more than ever, since I would always miss at least a few days each month… and we’ll see how long I keep it going. When I have difficulty thinking of something to say, I think about comic strip writers. If they can come up with something funny to say every day, I figure I can come up with at least something that isn’t too boring!

  2. For me, the gap between posts is because of a very busy life with work, church, and Sufi-related activities, and of course hanging out with friends in coffeehouses and meditating with the cat…

  3. A friend of mine communicated to me about feeling frustrated by the comments of readers sometime who don’t understand the point of the posts, and by the silence from those who do.

    Part of my response:

    One interesting phenomenon in our spiritually-oriented blogs, is that often, the more agreement there is, there less there is to say. Often, when I cruise to yours or others’ sites, I’ve got nothing to add, but Great! or Yeah! or Frimmin’!

    And I’ve been a slacker as a blog-reader… Some feeds of really good blogs of friends of mine I’ve taken out of my RSS updates… I don’t have time to read and digest all of them. Others, especially those who post daily or nearly so, I just try to catch up with on the weekends, but then reading five to seven posts often leads to skimming.

  4. I have two blogs — one for about four years now, the other for the last two.

    During those first couple years, I was determined to put up several posts a day no matter what. I assumed that I was helping to educate an anxiously waiting reading public (ha!) in this or that area of urgent importance. After I tired of preaching to the choir about corruption and other forms of human deprivation, I started a second blog (linked to above) in an effort to offer spiritually-inspired solutions to problems that, so far as I’m concerned, stem from humanity’s wounded relationship with the Divine. This project has been far more rewarding… though the pace of my posting has not really picked up.

    I’m to a place now where, if the urge to post hits, I post. If it doesn’t… well, I have a full and fruitful meditation practice, I have a wonderful marriage, and I have miles of trails to hike just up the road. When the time is right, I take all the tranquility and equanimity gained through the above and I return to this medium, having replenished and somewhat purified my energetic resources.

    Now, if this was my job and my time spent blogging actually helped pay the bills… I’m sure another strategy would arise.

  5. I’ve been hanging out on atheist forums (RichardDawkinsNet in particular) after having read The God Delusion. In the first chapter ( a deeply religious non-believer) Dawkins describes an experience that he calls “quasi-mystical” that is common among scientists and rationalists. The “God” of Einstein and Carl Sagan so to speak.

    Being atheist or non-believer is no big deal in the Neherlands and I couldn’t figure out why so many Christians in other coutnries (particularly the USA) called this rather polite and soft-spoken Oxford professor “shrill and strident”.
    Well, fundamentalist America was revealed to me on Dawkins website and I am honestly shocked how vicious and dishonest the attacks they launch at Dawkins are.
    Unfortunately, creationism and literal interpretations of the bible seems to be spreading in the Netherlands as well.

    There seems to be the misunderstanding that atheists can’t possibly be spiritual and ethical. Perhaps I’ll start a blog about atheist spirituality and secular humanism.

  6. @Neal–go for it. Your not too late, and it’s probably just my neck of the blogosphere that’s getting quieter.

    @Michael–I think the most important thing is to do what’s comfortable to you…

    @Margreet–Kiel vi fartas? Longtempe ke mi aŭdas de vi! I haven’t really checked into Dawkins, but I’m encouraged but what you write… I find myself sometimes equally non-plussed by both “religous” language and non-religious language… I have to remember that beliefs (and disbeliefs!) of any stripe are nothing more than mental activity. Reality is inexpressible.

  7. “One interesting phenomenon in our spiritually-oriented blogs, is that often, the more agreement there is, there less there is to say.”

    Yes- spot on!

    You understand- things have been busy, I’ve said all I feel like I need to say, other ways of expressing “It” presented themselves, it seemed to be the thing to do

    Above all- it’s all good! One thing I haven’t stopped doing – and that is reading from my friends blogs.

    See first paragraph above!

  8. I have branched out into Toastmasters and a Farmer’s Market booth to push for a department of peace in the presidential cabinet, but yes, repeating myself is a fear of making importance trivial. Maybe I give my listener too much credit if I project that they just haven’t considered the perspective angle.
    I contribute to a collective consciousness that pays at-tension and eventually collects .com.unity!

  9. Writing is one of those rare things. Some find it flows out of them without thought, every day, all day long. Others must find inspiration to pen their first word. Many feel they have nothing to say at all.

    Then there is that special type. Those like me. The ones that truly make the world go ’round.

    I’m lazy.

  10. I’m still blogging Jon. Not as much as I used to, but still at it regularly. New domain too (not that that is anything surprising). 🙂 I was thinking yesterday how much I miss my old blog pals (you, Mark, etc) and decided I better wander over here and see what you’re up to.

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