6 thoughts on “Why should we bother seeking enlightenment?

  1. I think to be fair about the subject you should put pictures of the bombing of Pearl Harbor or the Bataan Death March or The Rape of NanKing.
    The Japanese were determined on world domination. They would not stop until every man, woman and child was under their control, or until they died trying.
    We saved the lives of probably millions if we had decided on a ground invasion of mainland Japan. Just on Iwo Jima alone tens of thousands of men on our side and theirs were lost. And that was a ground invasion. We must always stand up against evil or we are all lost.

  2. Ted,

    I think you misunderstand the post. My point is that the ego is ultimately the source of all conflict, and left to its own devices creates massive suffering for itself and others.

  3. Sorry, Julie, Your comment got caught in my spam filter, and when I tried to restore it, it was deleted. You made a great point, though. The primary reason is to change ourselves.

    We must be buddhas before we can become bodhisattvas.

  4. Oh, good, because I made TWO comments and when neither showed up… I gave up. My third attempt would’ve been reduced to a sentence.

    Why bother? To get through. Just to get through. That’s it.

    What’s enlightenment, anyway?

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