Breaking through…

Have you ever felt that the Universe was a projection, playing upon a screen, and the only thing beyond is the light of God?

Have you ever felt you could tear the screen down?

Have you ever done it?

Have you ever experienced it happening

11 thoughts on “Breaking through…

  1. Yes. In a way yes! The only absolute real being is God. And we and everything around us was created by Him. The Universe is actually very close to us! Check out this website It tells us that what we hear,smell, see, touch are just electrical energy passing through our veins and into our brain. And the question is since they are just electrical energy passing through our veins and into our brain, how do we know what we taste, see, feel, smell are absolutely REAL??? These electrial energy is created by GOD so that we may perceive them as real in our mind. In Islam Quran(the holy book for muslims) it is said that “GOD is nearer to us than our own jegular veins” Reality is perception and perception is Reality

  2. Everthing is an illusion created by GOD to make us think that everything around us are ABSOLUTE REAL but the truth is In Quran, only God is absolute being so that we may ponder to His powerful might and be awe by his creation. And yes I do feel that the Universe is a Projection but I don’t know if it is playing on the screen. Only God knows. But of course I can’t tear down the screen if there is one because GOD is Almighty and All Powerful. It is hard for us to do that. But whenever I eat, smell, see, I would wonder is awe at how powerful God is to make us perceive things around us. God is indeed Almighty.

  3. Suria, thanks–couldn’t agree more.

    Zach, do you mean there are times when I don’t sound like Plato???

    Julie, it’s not so much something happening now, but yeah, I’ve had a few experiences.

  4. I suppose I have “Felt” it at times, yes!

    But when I begin to think about it, then what is actually being projected is my own projection about Projection. :O 🙂

  5. Check out Harun Yahay- Secret Beyond Matter ( It explains more clearly than what I explain here. There’s even a video in it. At the end of it , you will feel chills..

  6. Did you guys watch the show LOST? I think it is based on what we are discussing here… illusion but at the same real to us

  7. New to the blog, but not the subject matter(or no matter as it were). When the “veil is lifted” there is only you in your purest sense. The core of energy, spark of life, glorious, unquenchable fire. Not for the faint of heart mind you.

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