Soweto, and hope

I’m in Maryland visiting a friend. In Silver Spring, there’s a film festival in progress called “Silverdocs,” devoted to documentaries. At a large outdoor screen in a park last night, a retrospective on the Soweto uprising in South Africa 30 years ago was shown.

Much more interesting, though, was watching the kids playing together in the park. While their parents watched the movie about horrific struggles between blacks and whites and the terrible toll of racism, black and white kids took turns playing ball and tag, without a care in the world for this thing called race.

May the same come to be for Israeli and Palestinian kids. And Shi’ite and Sunni kids. And Armenian and Turkish kids. All kids. And may they not lose it as they grow up.

4 thoughts on “Soweto, and hope

  1. “without a care in the world for this thing called race.”

    The innocence of childhood, with vision being clear and un-adult-erated is the kingdom of heaven.

    It is my wish too, Jon- but adults must lead the way, getting out of our way by opening up our hearts as little children again, rediscovering the innocence lost or hiding?we need look no further for instruction on how to do this than the playgrounds and imaginations of our children.

  2. My wife loves children, spends a big part of her time doing things for them. I must say she’s much better at it than me, definitely was when our three came along, something they realize now, years later.

    What Tommy said is certainly true; I’ve marveled at that reality with our two grandchildren.

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