Teachers, continued

I think I might have created some inadvertent confusion with my last post. I certainly don’t think that everyone who reads this blog should start looking for an enlightened teacher, although there are a few whom I know well enough to think that they might be at that point.

I think someone might be ready for a teacher when not only does learning “about” God no longer satisfies, but “spiritual growth” also no longer satisfies. When you’re sick of the ups and downs of spiritual experience; feeling close to God one day, not feeling there the next, and you must have Something beyond “experiences.” You want God, all of God, everything God has for you, and nothing else will do; you feel you must become enlightened or die. At least, that’s how it was for me…

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6 thoughts on “Teachers, continued

  1. Jon:

    Thanks; what a beautiful description of that longing.

    I’m wondering how you set about the process of finding a teacher. I mean, recognizing, of course, that the process is probably different for everyone, how did you start looking? How did you know whether you and your teacher would be a good fit for each other? You know, that sort of thing… As of its most recent printing, anyway, the Grand Rapids yellow pages does not have a heading for “Gurus”! 🙂


  2. Ha, should’ve guessed that Andrew would get here first!

    Prima facie, it seems a bit circuitous to desire God and search for a teacher.

    I read it “become enlightenment or die” the first time. Ha.

  3. Hey, Andrew,

    I never knew that Grand Rapids was so a podunk town! 🙂 Seriously, I’ll tell you more offline.

    Julie, there are those who are able to wake up without the aid of a teacher, but they tend to be a small minority. And to those of us who see things in a more nondual or panentheistic way, the teacher is God—(everything else is, too).

  4. Hey, I said prima facie! 😉

    My suspicion is that everybody could but that a teacher lets progress be more expedient… when one reaches the edge, a hearty shove cuts waffling short. But I may well be wrong.

  5. I too am beginning to consider going to a teacher. I’ve had my “eye” on a Zen center in Indianapolis (or it’s had it’s eye on me?)… that may be where I begin… although I echo Andrew’s question about where to even begin the search for one.

    In the meantime, Alan Watts audio books are imparting general wisdom my way – they’ve been fantastic – but that, no doubt, in no way compares to personal interaction with a Master.

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