I have returned!

Remember, I never said I was coming back on April 1st! But I am back now. Things became very busy for me, so that vision of free evenings spent in contemplation and so forth didn’t happen… and I think that blogging actually is one of my most important spiritual exercises now. The fact is, I need you guys–I really do.

A few changes to the site: A couple of you caught up with me today about “fatal errors” on my site. That’s fixed now. I’ve switched the blogging engine to WordPress, and although I had a false start, things are running smoothly. This afternoon and evening, you might have seen my home page completely unstyled, which was an observance of CSS Naked Day, a light-hearted and rather nerdy effort by Web coders/designers to promote interest in Web standards and CSS. Probably didn’t do much but to get you to think my “fatal errors” had morphed into “comatose mistakes!” ๐Ÿ™‚

Also: Although I couldn’t be happier about the move to WordPress, it’s going to take me a while to modify the templates and style it to suit me. Be patient… (after all, I have to be!)

And lastly: The comments?the 500 comments that you left for me over the last two yearsdidn’t make it. Unfortunately the only script to import Haloscan comments into WP assumes that I’m also importing posts from Blogger, which of course I wasn’t–I’d been using Movable Type. After days of trying to find a way to move the comments into the posts, I’ve given up for the most part. When I have time, I probably will manually import a few “keepers,” but it’s going to be very few if any. I’d love to keep them all, but I’ve been presented with a lesson in non-attachment.

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5 thoughts on “I have returned!

  1. Welcome back Jon. We’ve missed you as well – we need you too! It’s really interesting how much community is actually experienced through these crazy little blogs! We look forward to hearing any new insights. Namaste!

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