Everything We Need

A thought has been in the back of my mind for several days now, that maybe it is impossible for someone to not have everything they need to do whatever they need to do at any given moment. That?s very much in line with what Kitabu Roshi teaches in his Zen Mushin Ryu classes, but now I?m beginning to believe it.

This morning, I woke up, fed Talbot, and did yoga before anything else. Then spontaneously, I did some standing qigong, and it was a meditative experience for me. Then I did some sitting meditation, ate some fiber cereal with milk and raisins, and showered.

To say I feel better than I usually do in the morning after five hours? sleep is an understatement. What?s scary is that I know this stuff. I know the power of qigong, of yoga, of meditation and good high-fiber meals, but I just don?t do it. It?s like I?m sleepwalking through most of my days, that we?re all sleepwalking, entranced and feeling trapped by our habits, busyness, addictions and distractions.

It?s like a cloud has settled over us, so that we can?t see, can?t think, can?t freely be?but every moment, we have everything that we really need to burst out of the cloud. Believing that we cannot become fully conscious, fully aware, truly free, is the greatest con in the universe. Knowing this, allowing this, and acting from this?well what can I say?