My Science Experiment

I’ve been reading a book called *Eat Fat, Lose Fat,* by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig. It emphasizes natural, organic foods, and the historic importance of *lacto-fermentation* as a means of preserving foods and making them digestible. Fallon also suggests that its *easy* to home-brew natural, organic sodas with kefir powder or liquid whey and distilled or filtered water.

What the heck! I decided to try brewing some berry squeezin’s. Only thing was, I couldn’t find either liquid whey nor kefir powder. So I tried a Spirulina whey protein mix from a health food store, and let it sit for two days. Results:

1. Carbonation happens. If anyone ever doubted that carbonation would happen, let them rest assured, that distilled water was quite carbonated tonight!
2. There’s an art to doing this.
3. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing!

It took me a long time to scoop the sickly mush out of the jar (and out of the sink, and off things near the sink, etc. etc. Did I mention carbonation happens?) The residue in the jar did look kind of like Cherry 7up, but ahem, a small taste was enough. It needed more sugar, but I wasn’t going to waste that when there was still some purple algae in there. Perhaps I’ll give it another whirl sometime later. Yeah, with REAL whey!

Carry on, my whey-ward son,
There will be peas when you are done.
Lacto weary head to rest,
Don’t ferment no more!

What can I say? That’s Jedi life in the real world.

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