Living is dying

I’ve been feeling a lot of pain recently, largely because the tsunami affected me very deeply. Although I’ve never been to Asia, I’ve long felt a strong resonance to the lands that were hit by the tsunami, especially Indonesia. Today I learned a former colleague of mine is dying. My thoughts tonight:

 Death surrounds me.
I can deny it as well as you,
but I cannot hide and I cannot forget.

A wave washed away my home,
though I live a world away. I die.
They told me Sharon is dying,
a cancer in her brain--I die.

Every moment, my body sheds a million cells—
Just living is dying!
Every day, the world sheds a million souls
for living is dying.

I feel I'm in a tapestry, pulled one way,
then the next,
then in all directions at once.

For living is dying. 

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