Beyond Impossibility

 Living in a world of "conditioned existence" as Buddhists say,
is living in a world of possibilities, and impossibilities.
Freedom lies beyond impossibility.
All the Teachers know it.
Hence the koans:
What is the sound of one hand?
How does one pinch smoke?
What did you look like before your grandparents were born?
The voice of God from the whirlwind:
Can you bind the Pleiades?
Were you there when the morning stars sang together,
and the sons of God shouted for joy?
The eternal questions of the gurus:
What am I?
What is happening right now?
Is reality really real?
The questions of almost every child
until they learn that one shouldn't question
the things that others no longer question:
What is beyond the end of space?
Can God make a stone so heavy he can't lift it?
Who made God?
The questions that we don't laugh at
because they return years later:
Why am I here?
What am I supposed to do?
Beyond impossibility
is this. 

6 thoughts on “Beyond Impossibility

  1. Struggling with similar questions and realizing I’m limiting God.

    Thanks for this answer, Jon. You are a blessing.

  2. I began studying Christian mysticism a long time ago. Explore a bit more of the site–it explains it better than I could in a short time.

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