If the world didn’t suck…

I saw a bumper sticker this morning which said:

Remember: if the world didn’t suck,
you’d fall off.

5 thoughts on “If the world didn’t suck…

  1. wow… that’s remarkably pessimistic.

    i’m curious – why did you think the bumper sticker worth sharing? (not that i think it is or isn’t, just wondering about your thoughts.)

  2. Julie! Pessimistic?

    I thought it was hilarious and encouraging! I laughed out loud when I read it.

    I see it as describing a divine order to things even when everything seems to be going wrong… What to some people is the world “sucking” is the gravitation that makes all life possible.

    Yeah, Samsara sometimes sucks, but Nirvana is Samsara and Samsara is Nirvana.

  3. i just posted this on facebook before i found this page.. i thought it was hysterical and very spiritual. i found nothing negative about it at all.

  4. Dear, you have put so much effort and hard work and emotional energy into this site and into your pursuit of God.

    Yet, I am afraid I will have to give you bad tiding, that you have been deceived.

    I am sure you would not agree and most probably think already that I am either arrogant or narrow minded to say that.

    But before you hop into that conclusion,
    please have a look at this blog http://christianmysticism-warning.blogspot.com/

    I was also into many of the things you are into now at one stage, and I was truly upset with those that knew I was deceived and never told me.

    So now I am telling you.

    For I care.

    I truly do.

    Kindly and with tender loving care…

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