How low can you go?

I rarely discuss politics in my blog. But Sarah Palin’s desperate and deceitful attack on Barack Obama Saturday, attempting to paint him as an associate of terrorists, is a new low in campaign politics.

Read the full story at CNN. And shame on you, Ms. Palin.

One thought on “How low can you go?

  1. Hmmm.

    Except for spam, I have never deleted a comment on this blog in the last four years. Now I’ve just deleted eight nine. A few actually were OK–my apologies to the authors–but after reading rants that ranged from calling Palin a racist, McCain a traitor, and Obama a terrorist, I was ashamed of myself for even allowing a forum for such malice on my site, and decided to wipe the slate.

    This is one of the reasons why I don’t blog politics! How sad that this very trivial post generated such an intense reaction in a few hours, while in several days, no one’s seen fit to remark upon my last post which was about what’s real, and is far more important than a passing observation on a brief occurrence in the ephemeral and tempestuous world of opinions, statements, beliefs, and related mind-fuck.

    It’s also interesting that to my knowledge, not one of the commenters had ever commented here before. I’m curious. Have you been regular readers, who were just lurking till now? Or did you stumble across my site by accident in following a chain of political links?

    It really doesn’t matter, you are all welcome here, and welcome to comment here in an attitude of truth-seeking and sharing in future posts. But if you get off on vituperative ranting, go elsewhere to get your jollies, and God bless you.

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