The most beautiful blog on the Web

…is back!   Mark Walter’s original blog, Eternal Awareness, is back after a very long hiatus, at a new URL:

When I say that his is the most beautiful blog on the Web, I don’t say it lightly.  I mean his IS, and at all levels.  It’s illustrated like no other, with photographic and graphic art often blending the real and the surreal, mirroring the interpenetration of the spiritual and physical worlds often sensed by those on the Path.

But its beauty isn’t pixel-deep. Mark’s blog is beautiful in its communication as well.  Mark writes both sensitively and sensibly about the most inexpressible things, and transcends the language and conceptual problems that have been snaring people embarking into these realms for thousands or years. Whether you’re theistic, non-theistic, panentheistic, or don’t know or care about theological positions, Eternal  Awareness can communicate to you.  I’m not talking about a watered-down, “something for everyone” offering.  I mean everything/no-thing from the One, for the One in all.

The third way in which his blog’s beauty shines, is by the fact that it’s Mark’s blog.  And it’s his soul that will be meeting yours through his writing and insights.  And that, my friends, is a very, very beautiful thing.

3 thoughts on “The most beautiful blog on the Web

  1. Thank you for writing this deeply heart-felt post about Mark’s website, his writing, his choice of imagery, and everything that he has and continues to share so generously with others. There are some who make loud noises to ensure they are heard. Then there are some who walk with a gentle gait and speak in whispers, those who often go unrecognized and under-appreciated for their efforts and how much they give to others. In opening and sharing your own heart so generously and sincerely in this post, and appreciating and giving back to the source, as Mark so beautifully wrote in his Art of Giving series, you have yourself given those of us who happened upon your lovely words here a lesson in giving too.

    Peace be with you, and again, my thanks to you as well.

  2. Hi Jon

    This is my first visit to your site. It is great and I will be coming back.

    I could’nt find an appropriate place to thank you for your Page on Universal Restoration “God is Love”. Your writing on this difficult topic is Beautiful with such clarity. This is at the heart of my understanding of the Divine.

    I hope you don’t mind if I add this page to my blogroll.

    Be blessed


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