Thomas Merton Square

The Louisville Metro Council last month named the intersection of 4th and Muhommad Ali Blvd. “Thomas Merton Square,” in honor of Fr. Thomas Merton’s epiphany.  To my knowledge, this is the only occasion of any government recognizing an event related to awakening. The occasion was reported in the Lousville Courier-Journal, .with some excellent writing that actually understood Merton and the meaning of his experience.

As Carl McColman at The Website of Unknowing observed: “It’s rather neat to see a landmark named in honor of a mystical experience!” I’ll say! And I’ve never seen a secular newspaper report so well the meaning of a mystical experience. The times, they are a-changin’! Thanks, Carl, for letting us  know about this wonderful news!

2 thoughts on “Thomas Merton Square

  1. Thanks for passing this on. I find it interesting, beyond the fact that Merton’s epiphany is being honored, that it is happening at the corner of 4th and Muhammad Ali Blvd. Merton was the Monastic Heavyweight Champion of the Universe, and Ali knew a thing or two about religious awakening, as well. There’s something heartwarming about Thomas Merton and Muhammad Ali being immortalized on the same street corner.

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