I succumbed!

It’s Darrell’s fault. And Trev describes it. I’d almost describe myself as allergic to the oh-so-trendy social networking stuff, particularly online communities… MySpace strikes me as a kid’s crayon drawing on the wall, Zaadz is nice, spiritual and, well, boring.  But Darrell invited me and the former WisdomReading group to join a Facebook group he started. Although I was certainly not expecting to like it, Facebook really impresses me. One thing that surprised me is that it automatically searched my Gmail contacts for Facebook members and invited them to become my friends… in couple of hours I had more contacts on Facebook than I’ve acquired on Zaadz over the last year or so.

One thing I like about Facebook is that it seems to understand some people might want a SN site to complement, not replace or substitute for a personal website or blog. And my Facebook profile now lists this site, my techie site, my Esperanto group’s site, and my Zaadz site all on the main page!

5 thoughts on “I succumbed!

  1. So… Not only did I get the Frimster to join Facebook, I also got one of the priests at my church to add the “Kierkegaard Quote of the Day” feature to his Facebook page. I’m so happy I can use my powers for good.

  2. Ah, you used your powers, my friend. We shall see if it was for good, or rather, the insidious work of Dark Darrell!

  3. Is there a Zoolander quote on its way?

    Yeah, we’ll see if I join… but another site to keep up?…

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