Snapping out of it

I’m a pretty happy guy, but around the middle of the week I got hit by a several days of sadness that seemed to be triggered by nothing in particular, and about nothing in particular. But it was strong and very sad. Usually I’m able to quickly nip in the bud things that pull me down… I make my co-workers (and myself) laugh by cursing my computer as a "stupid piece of electronic excrement" when something doesn’t go as expected.

But this was kind of like the dementors of Harry Potter (though thankfully, on a much less intense scale)… joy just seemed to be taken away, and replaced with nothing at all. Now, it’s back, and I’m very glad. Funny how you don’t really appreciate what you have till you don’t.

3 thoughts on “Snapping out of it

  1. You describe your sadness as something that needs to be snapped out of or fought like the dementors. I think this is a common reaction to sadness, one that I have experienced. It is interesting to ponder whether sadness is part of the spiritual path. I believe it is. Your post really go me thinking, and I have a longer response on my blog.

  2. Interesting point, Painterofblue. I do agree that the willingness to encounter and go within sadness is an essential part of the spiritual path. (And for many years I got to know that part very well!) I think I pick a poor title for this post… I actually didn’t try to snap out of it, nor think that I should… that’s just how it resolved itself this time around.

    Next time, and there certainly will be a next time, who knows?

  3. Interesting comment by painterofblue. At the same time, Jon, I frequently do the same thing. I always wonder if it isn’t some sort of short term chemical imbalance, but wouldn’t you know it, soon enough I do indeed “snap out of it” or swing back the other way. Just sending you a comment to say “I’m feelin’ ya!”

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