Tien, and a few other notes

I’m reading my first novel in Esperanto, now, a book called Tien, by Claude Piron, under the pseudonym "Johano Valano." It’s ostensibly a science-fiction story, but really it’s about spiritual transformation… really surprising how some of the (co)incidences are lining up between things in my world and it right now… kind of like the movie "23."

The "subtle lesson" is continuing. I’ll write more about that soon, after I do enough processing to figure about how to put it into words.

And a question… are phone books now a complete waste of paper? Two different stacks of phone books have been delivered to my apartment building. I think one person (out of the six of us) has picked up theirs. I haven’t—I’m not even sure I ever used a phone book last year… what about you?

4 thoughts on “Tien, and a few other notes

  1. We got our phone book last week and it went straight from the doorstep to the recycling. Why would I need that when I have the Internet! Glad the Esperanto book reading is going well.

  2. I still use it for the yellow pages since the ads are usually more tangible for me to see and understand. But maybe that’s because I haven’t looked up the yellow pages online. Hmm…

  3. The last time I used a phone book, I was tearing the pages out to pack ceramics.

    That was three years ago.

  4. I’ve used the local small phone book, but not the Yellow Pages. A waste of paper indeed, except to those who don’t own a computer, I guess.

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