It’s busy here, and will be for a while. Besides maintaining our current code, I’m studying Object-Oriented Programming, C#, and ASP.net—oh, yeah, and when I get a chance, which isn’t often—Catalan. Just upgraded my system’s RAM today, since it had been stressed by the new demands I’ve been putting on it. I also took a look at Windows Vista running on machines in some computer stores today: Looks nice, yet I noticed that it doesn’t seem very fast, even on machines with a gig of RAM.

When I’m ready for a new machine, I’m considering a Mac.

5 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. I’ve played quite a bit with my parent’s laptop running Vista Home PREMIUM. There’s no doubt that it’s eye-candy, nice to look at, although perhaps a bit too Mac for its own good. That said, I’m not sure that anything but megacomputers with significant RAM can keep up with its heavy demands. Macs are lookin’ mighty friendly these days… God help me if I ever become a fanboy. 🙂 Same goes for you. 🙂 Though I’d be happy to hear about your ventures into Apple-dom if you so happen to go that route.

  2. You said it. I remember when “serious” programmers sneered at the Mac, but at my work, it’s the multi-tasking, multi-platform IT network guys who are the fanboys. Apparently with the Intel processor, Windoze stuff runs as good or better on the Mac, and you can boot up Linux with it too, and home sweet home is the Apple orchard in Macland. 🙂

  3. Right, and that’s what I get for using the graphic symbol for a heart. Blank comment.

    As I was saying… I love my mac (in the less-than 3 sense) and have an out of the box 1st gen Intel box. I don’t have adequate geekiness to run a Linux box, though, which I’d think you might consider.

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