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Thinking BloggerKay just tagged me as a “thinking blogger.” The rules of the meme are that now I need to tag five other blogs that make me think. These are mostly chosen for their “seniority” on my blogroll. Since everything on my blogroll qualifies (as well as a couple of dozen other blogs that I don’t put on there because I simply don’t have time to read them all), I went with the “seniority” approach. I’ve been reading all of these for years now:

The Sound of Diesel Musing:
Trev’s blog has always delighted me with his insight, positive spirit, and beautiful acceptance.
The Blog of the Grateful Bear:
I’d been reading Darrell’s site for years before he even began to blog. A has been never-ending well of thoughtful writing on Spirit in the world and in his life.
Eternal Awareness:
Mark’s blog is unique for its tight focus on discipleship and the essential (though hugely neglected) role of the spiritual teacher.
Isaiah Knows Nothing:
Where else can you find posts like this?
Steve Pavlina:
Steve is more than just another self-help guru. What he is, I cannot say, but he always makes me think.

6 thoughts on “Blogs That Make Me Think

  1. Thanks, Jon. I certainly consider yours in the same light.

    (haha, and now people will visit and see my enlightened post about BEER…haha)

  2. If mine is a “thinkers’ blog—

    —I’ve got to redesign, rethink (oops!) its intended purpose!

    Bowing to you, Jon… your presence here in digital nirvana is enlightening.

  3. I’m honored to be in this list! I will post an entry about this at the Blog of the Grateful Bear, along with my list of 5 “tag-ees,” in the near future. Problem is, you’ve already listed some of the blogs I’d list, like Trev’s and Isaiah/Tommy’s!

  4. I couldn’t find your email, Jon.
    So I’m posting my response to your comment re blake:
    I’m not very familiar with Rumi, Jon.

    As a Christian Blake is unique in my experience, with a radical critique of the established church, and a conversion of Jesus in mature years.

    There are basically two kinds: the O.T. type and the Jesus type. Jesus radically criticized everything about [his] church– a synagogue and top heavy exploitative organization that mainly plundered the people.

    In it’s support of the war isn’t our church just as corrupt?

    For a quick intro to Blake’s experience look at this excerpt from Chapter Five.

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