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Anyone who knows me well knows that in my opinion, far and away the best movie of 2006 was Peaceful Warrior, based on Dan Millman’s beloved autobiographical novel Way of the Peaceful Warrior, which has been a portal to the inner path for many. Simply put, there is no movie I am aware of that more honestly and movingly shows what learning with an authentic spiritual teacher is like, capturing the traps, lessons, pains, and joys experienced upon the way.

I paid to watch Peaceful Warrior three times in theaters last year. This weekend, I’m going to see it for free. Universal Studios is offering $15 million dollars worth of free tickets to see the movie in the first weekend of its general release, starting from today through Sunday.

Claim your tickets here!

8 thoughts on “See Peaceful Warrior Free

  1. I read the book and enjoyed it. Not overly crazy about what I perceived as the enhancements to the underlying experiences, but quite happy with the presentation of the development and maturation process of a soul discovering there’s more to what meets the eye than what we typically see. FWIW, I liked the movie more than the book.

    My finding this post last week coincided with my running across Millman’s second book at Barnes & Noble on Saturday. I’m about half-way in.

    Thanks for the prompt.

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