Andrew did it, Zach did it, Julie did it, and I did it. We all joined, a new online community created for people who want to “change the world,” and especially those with a spiritual bent or an interest in health, healing, the environment, etc.

If you’re not yet blogging, but have thought about starting, Zaadz might be just right for you. If you are already blogging, you’ll probably want to use the excellent profile and interest-sharing tools to make more friends and bring more people to your site. In addition, Zaadz has a large number of moderated forums, called pods, for further discussion.

I’m quite enthusiastic about it. Where else can you find over 300 people who say they LOVED the movie I Heart Huckabees? Zaadz looks to be a safe and supporting environment to develop wider connections and further your vision.

5 thoughts on “Zaadz

  1. Hey Jon: thanks for all your support. Thrilled you and your friends are joining us!

    (you do Ruby on Rails programming? 🙂


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