Nonduality and Healing

Steve Pavlina’s excellent blog brought this story, The World’s Most Unusual Therapist, to my attention. It’s about a Hawaiian psychologist, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who successfully treats criminally insane patients in the penitentiary, without seeing them. He uses a technique called ho’oponopono, which seems to be similar to reiki, but directed internally, not externally. Dr. Len says in the article “I was simply healing the part of me that created them.”

Even for folks who have had a glimpse of nonduality, this is a bit wild. Nonduality is wild. And for those who haven’t had a glimpse, its either foolishness or madness.

Yet I recognize a flicker of familiarity here. My friend Katherine, spoke of the “back door” way of praying for troubled or difficult people by visualizing them and extending love and peace to them. My teacher speaks elliptically about the effect of the enlightened mind upon the problems in the real world (elliptically to keep my non-enlightened awareness from thinking it’s got the answer when its beyond thought).

And earlier this weekend, I was pondering how to write more (even if I should write more) about the nondual perspective, where everything is not only “connected,” but is simply part of the great projection we call “Creation.” Well, it seems there’s no going back. I have to keep moving on, and it feels like I need to keep moving on in this blog, too.

Yet, I’ve always wanted my site to serve as an “entry-level” door into the interior way, for those just beginning to feel the Spirit’s call to go deeper. I wonder if my site can still fulfill that function if I go deeper? Will I leave others behind? All I know, is that I, too, have seen that there’s no “out” there. (And I used to wonder why spiritual director urged me to go within!)

8 thoughts on “Nonduality and Healing

  1. IMO… there are a lot of sites that function as an entry into the earlier stages of the spiritual path. I am much more excited and inspired by those who allow their blogs to be an entry into the deeper path, who allow others to glimpse what that’s all about. Keep it going!

  2. Sounds good! I’m with Mark – I might get lost from time to time, but pressing through will push you and your readers. Don’t turn back now!

  3. Jon-

    Such an intriguing post. I, too, want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your presence here- no matter what level you choose to write on.

    ?Will I leave others behind?? I believe those who ?find you? will be exactly where they need to be and you will be present as well.

    ?I was simply healing the part of me that created them.? A compassionate statement from Dr. Len. There are many layers, many chapters to be written behind this one simple sentence. I believe the most important aspect is the healing process; the process directed inward first and then outward. Both directions- the same direction, both parties, healer and healed- same entity.


  4. Wow- just read the article! How beautifully simple, how ordinary the nature of our being!

    “When you look, do it with love.”

    A favorite quote of mine by Joan Baez: Whatever you do- you’ve got to do it with love in your heart.

    A most extraordinary article by Dr. Joe Vitale!

  5. I loved this, too, Jon. Thank you for this link. Amazing man, Dr. Len.

    And about going deeper, follow your bliss. That’s what we do, move toward That.

  6. I met Dr Len at a Ho ?oponopono workshop last November, it was an awesome experience!!!

    He even ended up endorsing my book!

    Book: The Titus Concept Money For My Best and Highest Good
    Seminar: SOAR 2006 The Titus Concept Live
    Google: Al Diaz

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