Welcome back, Mark!

There’s at least one good thing about a wonderful blogger taking a hiatus from Web: like all things it tends to be impermanent.

Mark Walter of Eternal Awareness is back. Mark’s blog has struck me as one of the wisest and most honest personal expressions on the Web, and one of the most beautiful as well.

Please stop by and treat your soul to the company of this fellow traveler. And it might be nice to leave a comment?especially since his last 100 comments have been spam!

3 thoughts on “Welcome back, Mark!

  1. Jon,

    I really appreciate your kind and generous statements.

    My spam count over 7 months of non-screening on an inactive blog is actually in the 1000’s. I have always tried to answer every comment, so I am trying to frame how I will address all these undoubtedly sincere invitations to buy prescription medicines, countless sexual offers (my blog REALLY does attract the girls), hair straigteners, hair supplements, hair styling schools, hair growth hormones and, oh yeah… wedding songs.

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