There I am

You know the guy who never remembers where he parked his car, and has to survey the parking lot before he finds it? That’s me.

Now, I don’t identify with my car… But recently, I had that experience and when I saw my car, thought “Oh, _there_ I am!” This has probably happened hundreds of times, but this time, I realized how odd it is to see a car and call it yourself. (Really, I *don’t* identify with my car!)

And yet in non-duality, there is no car and no self. Maybe someday I’ll look at another person and say, “Oh, _there_ I am!”

3 thoughts on “There I am

  1. I never will forget the first time I experience a blissful moment in which I forgot who I was. I was taking a break from shooting some pictures and having coffee. I looked up and saw this women walking toward the coffee shop and thought, “Oh, there I am.” It didn’t seem strange or out of the ordinary at all.

    Now I have mini- encounters with myself most everyday- catch myself walking towards me in the most ordinary of moments. It’s such a peaceful encounter, extraordinary- and yet quite normal now.

    I don’t relay this to insinuate there is anything special about me at all. I believe it to be a most normal, ordinary ability, which is our truest nature. Each of us has the ability to encounter our self in each other, at any time.

  2. This is odd… I actually said exactly the same thing about my car the other day, and remember thinking it odd that I’d say that. (Usually I’m looking for my car, not for myself.) Can’t remember whether I met it literally, though.

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