What did I do to deserve you?

The last couple of days, my great intentions (ha!) of writing new pages for this site have been thwarted. I’ve been catching up on blogs. You, my blogger friends, have made me drunk. As I told Meredith in a comment. I literally feel dizzy after drinking in the ecstasy and realization of her last post Sadiq’s blog has largely the same effect. And Mark at Eternal Awareness has 2 posts on his front page that made my jaw drop.

Ron, my preacher friend at Symphonic, shares his ever-increasing mystic insights, questing, and love, as do all my other blog friends? Trev, Darrell, and Bob, Rick, Twyla, Larry , ?forgive me if I left anyone out!

I keep my list of bloglinks small because I really do read them, and hey, I’ve got a life. But what a life it is when you are surrounded by souls like these: geniuses of the heart?mystics. Angels with crooked halos and grunge guitars, laughing and crying at the mad, mad, glad, glad situation of being spirit in a body in a world like this. Writers with an honesty and humility that puts me to shame.

I think no one ever had company like this.

Although I live alone, I feel so incredibly blessed to have friends who aren’t just “blessings,” but are manifestations of Blessing itself.

What did I do to deserve you?