Declining the Invitation

I seem to have learned something very valuable: to decline certain negative invitations. For instance, I’ve had migraines since puberty, but now when the first stage hits?visual disturbances, flashing lights, stuff like that—I have the ability to refuse the pain that comes after. It’s like I might not be able to keep the UPS guy from knocking on my door, but I can refuse to sign for the package. My last several migraines, I’ve consciously (and successfully) just refused delivery.

Tonight, I felt another negative invitation, to physical sickness. I know it sounds strange, but my experience with qigong and reiki has sensitized me to sometimes be aware of subtle goings-on inside my body. Tonight, I got an invitation to a bad cold or sore throat, something that would’ve been quite unpleasant. I declined, and spent a pleasant bit of time consciously fighting the infection I felt brewing. I’m confident I succeeded, and I’m going to be well tomorrow and throughout next week.

I also got a chance to see how prone I am to accept so many other negative invitations. Stress. Fear. Anger. Sure, I’m a happy mystic who loves the whole world—until I’m running late for work in a grinding traffic snarl. Why didn’t I see the invitation there?

(Them): Hey, Jon, let us introduce ourselves: we’re a traffic jam, the clock inside your car, and the deadline you should’ve met yesterday. We’re inviting you to enjoy hours of tension and excess stomach acid. Please play with us!

(Me): Hey guys. I really appreciate the thought—it’s nice to know I’m not being left out,—but seriously, I’m afraid I’d rather hang on to a positive attitude of peace and happiness, even in these circumstances. See you around.

Lord, help me to decline the invitations!

That’s Jedi life in the real world.