Wow! and the Tetragrammaton

It occurred to me this morning that the link between all who love God, in all religions, whether theistic, non-theistic, pantheistic or panentheistic, is the sense of Wow! Encountering the holy Presence, no matter how That is understood or named, leaves you in a sense of awe, humility, joy and love. Or too put it more simply, the sense of Wow!

The name of God in the Bible is Yahweh, spelled by the four Hebrew consonants YHWH (the Tetragrammaton). Although the Hebrew letter “w” in modern Hebrew is pronounced “Vav,” it was originally pronounced “Wow.” Those four letters in the sacred name of God were pronounced:

Yod, Heh, Wow, Heh

Three of them sound like exclamations in English: Hey! Wow! Hey!

Even laughter is calling on God: Heh-heh!

What else is there to say?