Benedicta Benedictum, Domine

(Bless Benedict, O Lord.)
I’m emotionally exhausted tonight. And I have to confront my own hypocrisy about freedom, identifications, ego, universal love, and all the rest. How quickly it goes out the window when I’m riled! What is this “I” that got so threatened and angry at the news of Cardinal Ratzinger’s election? Simply a charade, that’s what. The same Spirit that gives “me” life gives “him” life–all that’s here is life, expressing life differently, in different bodies and different places. As the Oracle said in the Matrix Reloaded, “everyone is here to do what they’re here to do.”

I need to pray for and love this man. In a comment on a previous post, I wrote that no one could have brought more baggage with him into the papacy. The flip side is that no one enters the papacy with so many people feeling ill-will, anger, and frustration toward him. That atmosphere doesn’t make for healing, and it doesn’t make healers. If he is to give us the love and guidance that we need, he needs to be empowered by love as well. Karma is universal, Dharma is universal. Love needs to flow from me, and if it also does from my brother/Father Benedict, so much the better, although I have no control over that.

May the Church Catholic be the Church Symphonic.