Quick Thought on Gifts

When I was a kid, I remember asking my Mom why we give gifts at Christmas. She told me it was because the wise men gave gifts to the baby Jesus. Of course, that was enough for me at the time (as long as I got my presents).

Now I see that Christ is in everyone, and we still give gifts to Jesus.


Isn’t it amazing, that we live in a sea of ideas, interpretations, associations, and identifications?an ocean of superflous thoughts?when all we need is to live?

And I probably do it more than most. How wonderful are those moments when the noise falls silent, and I just am.


At a church this morning, where the pastor was using the analogy of God as a builder:

Pastor: It’s not like you’re a nail. God’s not interested in whacking you like a hammer.

(From the congregation): A screw?

Pastor: No, He doesn’t want to screw you, either!

Aye, i eye “I”

  • Everybody says “I,” but we foolishly think it just refers to us when we say it.
  • We’re too deaf to hear that “I” is being said everywhere, by everyone, all the time.
  • The First Person is the only One, speaking through all mouths and minds, speaking to itSelf, trying to hear itSelf.
  • Can you hear “I” when i say it? Can we know that we are cells in the I? Can we answer, “yes, i said that?”
  • In Norfolk, Baghdad, Surabaya, and Nairobi. I am. i am beginning to realize it.

The Center of the Hurricane

Quick thoughts:

  • The center of the hurricane is pure stillness.
  • The yin-yang illustrates the cycles of action swirling within an immovable circle, and around a still center.
  • Jesus said, the sign of the Father within you is action and stillness. (Thomas 50)
  • Everyone struggles to save the world according to their causes and principles, so the world keeps needing to be saved.
  • The Universe will last as long as God wills.
  • Universes will be as frequent and as many as God wills.
  • Can God exhaust his own creativity / curiosity?