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OK, I grew up (mostly by choice) in Evangelicalism, and when I started branching out from that I became aware of the abuses of that kind of religion, as well as of religion in general.  To put in bluntly, I’ve seen a lot. So much so, that I didn’t immediately get that this is a joke site:

Christvertising takes a whole new approach to marketing your brand. We skip the strategic deliverables. We pass  on the matrices, the payoffs and the metrics. We ignore any viral functionality. We focus on the ultimate end-user: God.

Christvertising manages a network of creative, innovative, and pro-active believers, who will help you, through intensive prayer, improve your brand in the eyes of the Lord. If God loves your brand, it will become stronger and more successful. Christvertising helps you access the power of brand-targeted prayer (BTPTM) using our unique, isoceles approach to marketing: Reach, Connect, Pray.

On another page, the good doctor claims to "have 1,664,000 people ready to pray for your brand," but another page tones that down to choosing a "brand-prayer alignment" and a "targeted and structured prayer channel."  Finally, his "Where" page challenges you to ask yourself if your brand "is in God’s good books?"

This is a great parody, in fact, a little too good. Design maven Andy Rutledge was fooled by it as well. Later I realized how similar the tone was to the award-winning Santability site, that I realized it’s a joke. (April Fool’s on me early!).

Here’s a Christvertising video that’s a little more obvious. And J-Walk explains it all.

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9 thoughts on “We Manipulate God for YOU!

  1. Actually, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s really a joke site… If it is, it’s one of the cleverest and most convincing I’ve ever seen. If it’s serious, it’s … as you said, “oh, dear!”

  2. You know, I thought I couldn’t be surprised any longer. Well, I was wrong… Okay, I just watched the video blurb. This has got to be a joke – kind of like “Landover Baptist.”

  3. Yeah. It took me a while… We’ve gotten so used to the craziness that it’s hard to tell it apart from the real thing!

  4. Yea, I remember thinking that was real at first too, but then figured it couldn’t possibly be. Go ahead and contact them and see!

  5. I am so relieved to know it is a hoax! It didn’t make me laugh, though, because it seems too possible, and that’s a sickening thought. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. This reminds me that religion is run on 50% fear and 50% faith, and 100% Bull-#*@!
    Even having the goal or having no goals is Bull

  7. Only Jesus is Lord and Savior.
    meditate every day with Prayer.

    Find the Lord within and you find yourself.

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