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    Very interesting picture which makes me think of the little price.

    People seem to be easy to be dissatisfied

  2. Great cartoons, Jon – I’ve already added one to by blog!

    Also: I’ve tagged you to play “Random 8” – details at my Blog of the Grateful Bear (May 31st entry).

  3. Welcome, Johnny!

    Darrell, I’ll do the Random 8 thing soon. Thanks.

    Isaiah and Julie:
    Perspective, indeed. And I think it’s a very deep kind of perspective. The question is: how many men are speaking in the cartoon? Two separate men, separated by a river?

    Or is this one experience involving two different places through two different minds and bodies? Are the distinctions apparent or real? At the very least isn’t he indirectly using the eyes of another to informed him of his location from another POV? And how can you “go” where you are? Where can you go?

  4. Delurking alert: I’ve read this site occasionally since your “Catholic” days, Jon; it’s been fascinating to follow your pilgrim’s progress as I went through my own.

    The joke is one of my favorites — I first heard it as a story about Nasrudin, the slightly apocryphal Sufi teacher popular in Turkey and other parts of the Muslim world. Changing our viewpoint cannot change everything, but it sometimes astonishes us how much it *can* change.

    Peace —

  5. I don’t get this…is it like trying to read between the lines but
    gets carried away by the river.One don’t know he’s there and the other
    one knows he is there??=)

  6. Ned, you’re not who you think you are. Finding out who you really are… well the drawing takes on a whole new meaning.

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